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What a difference a Day makes

Do no commissions come at high cost?

Discount Real Estate Commissions - Low fee Realty

Your home is probably one of the largest assets you own and the decision of selling can be of vital importance. Trying to sell a home privately with no commission, on the surface seems to make a lot of sense, but here's what I find.

The Real Estate market is driven by the principle of supply and demand, the more people that are interested in your property the likelihood of getting better offers at a higher price. Selling privately or no commission sometimes can affect the exposure of your property.


My view is this:  Its not what your home sells for, it is what you net in your pocket at the end of the Day that’s important. I feel that an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor is the best way to go


I would like to personally meet and offer you a free, highest price analysis of your home with no obligation of course.


click my link at  Darren Day's Home Evaluation I look forward to personally meeting with you contact me today.


What a difference a Day makes!

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