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What a difference a Day makes

Do low commissions come at high cost?

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Your home is probably one of the largest assets you own and the decision of who you hire can be of vital importance. Hiring a low commission Real Estate company on the surface seems to make a lot of sense, but here's what I find. Many of the Realtors these companies attract are new to the business or, have been around a long time but were not successful.


So they end up joining a discount company to get listings and their signs out there to make the phone ring and get buyer leads, then with those leads they SELL OTHER HOUSES THAT OFFER A FULL COMMISSION. Your home ends up being a lead generating machine, I see it all the time.

I find that they'd rather keep your listing a long time, simply to generate ad calls and leads. (Almost like the days of bait and switch that the old retail electronics chains use to employ) The longer your home takes to sell (if it does) the more leads they get, and the better it is for them.


My view is this:  Its not what your home sells for, it is what you net in your pocket at the end of the Day that’s important. I feel that an experienced and knowledgable full service, full commission Realtor is the only way to go


I would like to personally meet and offer you a free, highest price analysis of your home with no obligation of course.


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What a difference a Day makes!

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